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Executive Protection

We were founded based on providing Executive Protection that is modeled after U.S. Department of State Diplomatic Security Services and Secret Service Dignitary security protocols. 

WE ARE NOT BODYGUARDS.  We are Executive Protection Professionals.

We follow the general rule:

Close enough to protect, far enough away not to be introduced. – Henry Kissinger

Our teams specialize in providing protection services for clients that are Fortune 500 executives, foreign diplomats, high net-worth individuals and family members that require professional personal protection.

Our mission is to protect individuals and groups from:

    • Harm
    • Embarrassment
    • Exposure to monetary and legal liability


Our risk management solution services include prevention and protection, while also providing the added value of specialized customer service, regardless how large or small a security detail.

We have decades of specific training and real world experience required to understand exactly what our clients and their families need; total protection from targeted threats in a low-profile manner that does not draw increased and unwanted attention. By focusing on our core strengths, we are able to provide our clients with an unmatched level of protection, expert advice and the highest quality of service.

Security Concpets Group (SCG) believes that you and your family deserve true peace of mind when it comes to your security. This is why we also offer several options in order to provide you with the appropriate Estate Executive Security solutions.  



Why is Executive/Personal Protection So Important?

What is your life worth? What is the life of your family worth?

At any time, the threat of kidnap by criminals or terrorist groups should be a real concern. Kidnapping activities may lead to corporate espionage, ransom demands, access to secure facilities, corporate image damage, loss of confidence, and harm (including potential death).

Kidnapping is not just a concern for the individual, it is also a concern for their family members. If a family member of an employee is kidnapped, that employee becomes an instrument, and they are then subject to various demands under threat.



In a recent review conducted by ASIS International, security teams have evolved and become a critical piece of the corporate business strategy.

In today’s business climate, it has become a truism that most companies are pushing for maximum shareholder value and thus, maximum productivity from their CEO. As a result, an executive protection service that facilitates smooth and safe travel and public appearances so that the executive has sufficient time to capitalize on new market opportunities and business deals is valuable in and of itself.